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Michael Blevins

Victor Avila

Brian Duryea

Dawne Swearingen

Jeff Brelvi

Eddy Francisco

Daisy Castellucci

Steven Bidwell

Michael Hoyt

Justin Boccitto

Jennifer Avila

Juli Greenberg

Joe Harrington

Christopher Hoyt

Stephanie Templin

Christine de Frece

Crystal Chapman*

Michelle Kuchuk

Nicky Romaniello

Cristina Marie

Alex Maxwell

Mary Ann Penzero

Ryan Gregorio

Ryan DeFoe

Ian Smith

Brittany Jeffrey

Allison Schneider

Lexie Speirs

Dylan Paige

Christine Riley

Michael Penna

Ann-Marie Sepe

Peter Romaniello

Nick Ardito

Stephanie Sine

Hailed as the father of Off-Broadway, Theodore Mann, who serves on the GTT Board of Artistic Advisors pens memoir of his theatrical journey. . .

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